I offer editing and consulting services for writers and editors who are covering the LGBTQ+ community. My main beat as a journalist is discrimination faced by LGBTQ+ people — particularly transgender folks. I have written about this topic for publications including Audubon Magazine, Discover Magazine, High Country News, Kaiser Health News, Scientific American, Slate and Smithsonian Magazine. 

As a member of the queer community myself, my goals are to stop the spread of misinformation about trans people, teach others about the impact of anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric — no matter how seemingly inconspicuous — and help journalists and editors produce factually accurate, well reported and thoughtful articles about this community.

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Helen recently wrote an excellent piece I commissioned for Scientific American about how anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric drives harassment and violence toward that community. I sought her out because of her expertise on these issues, and she reported on the subject with sensitivity and fairness. Her deep knowledge of the issues LGBTQ+ folks face and her journalistic rigor make her an invaluable resource to newsrooms and journalists covering these issues at a time when this community is increasingly under threat. — Tanya Lewis, senior editor, health & medicine, Scientific American

Helen wrote a fantastic story in Discover’s “State of Science 2023” issue about policymakers’ attempts to ban trans youth from access to gender-affirming health care. I was delighted to assign this piece to Helen due to her deep expertise in covering LGBTQ+ communities, and her story was nuanced, thoughtful and rigorously reported. Her experience and skillset is a huge asset to publications committed to scientifically accurate, empathetic reporting about LGBTQ+ issues. — Alex Orlando, associate editor, Discover Magazine