My beginning was peculiar: Before I opened my eyes, I had already been inside a brain imaging machine. At one day old, I was diagnosed with a prenatal stroke, thus beginning my relationship with neuroscience. Years later, doctors studied my brain’s electrical activity. As I lay on a table with electrodes glued to my scalp and cables flowing from my head like Medusa’s snakes, I watched in wonder as my brain waves crawled across a monitor. The doctors changed my diagnosis from stroke to cyst — a structural abnormality in the brain.

To understand more about this diagnosis and the brain, I studied neuroscience at Hamilton College and went on to spend two years working at a neuroscience research lab at Boston Children’s Hospital. Now, I use writing as a means to illuminate the beauty of science. With pen and paper, I hope to provide readers with the same sense of wonder I felt watching my brain waves years ago.

Currently, I write about health, biomedicine, wildlife, climate change and LGBTQ+ communities. You can view all of my work at