I am a science journalist who focuses on health, medicine and LGBTQ+ communities.

My work includes everything from short news articles to in-depth features and has appeared in Knowable MagazineHigh Country News, Audubon Magazine, Huffington Post, SlateSmithsonian Magazine, WIRED and more. I’ve covered stories about what happens inside the brain after a concussion, how COVID-19 has exacerbated the suicide crisis in rural Colorado and a trans ornithologist who uses their work to bridge science, art and queerness. My real passion is deep-dive and investigative pieces on health issues and transgender experiences and discrimination in health care.

Before becoming a journalist, I was a research assistant at Boston Children’s Hospital where I managed a clinical study on the nasty headaches that appear after a concussion. I quickly realized that, although I love the brain, I enjoy talking about it far more than studying it.

Originally from New England — and always a New Englander at heart — I now live in Gunnison, Colorado with my wife, two dogs, two cats and countless plants. I spend my free time hiking, skiing, trail running and cuddling up beside the fireplace I wish we had.